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Audrey Hepburn – Design Timelessness

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Core Value #3: Design Timelessness

Audrey Hepburn, a British actress, model, dancer, and humanitarian, was recognized as a film and fashion icon. Audrey was noted for her fashion choices and distinctive look as a recognizable brand. She worked with prominent French designers and became one of Hollywood's timeless inspirations.

"Crank it out" is not a phrase to be found in the G1 manifesto. We design experiences that transcend time and continue to create lasting experiences for years to come. Accomplishing this requires steps and planning that might seem a waste. In the world of business, the push to rush processes and maximize profitability often supersedes the need to create a timeless legacy for the client. Our philosophy is congruent with a customer's highest vision. Usually, this means additional steps to ensure that everyone's time and investments yield a product that resonates in the marketplace long after its inception. Our staff understands the design behind the fundamentals of history's most inspiring icons, the styling queues that contribute to the overall experience, and the corresponding methodologies. If timeless, tried and true design practices are something you value, look no further, you've found your new vinyl partner.

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