What is a vinyl appliqué? Because G1 operates with an emphasis in design fundamentals, research, and vinyl production, so much more goes into our product that we've created a term just for what we do. A vinyl appliqué the term we've chosen to communicate our product and service within specific workgroups and partners. Other facilities may use the term wraps, stickers, decals, vinyl overlays, vinyl graphics and many other forms. With that, a vinyl appliqué is best defined as a vinyl-based decorative film which contains an adhesive backing and can be applied to various surfaces including walls, automobiles, and even windows - virtually anywhere your imagination takes you.

What is a car wrap? - See "What is a vehicle appliqué?"

What is a vehicle appliqué? Sometimes referred to as a car wrap or truck wrap, it is a large vinyl appliqué adhered directly to a vehicle surface. It is applied to the original paint to serve as a decorative skin. G1 Design can create strategically placed decal packages or even full-color digitally printed overlays for a given effect. We inspire you to think big and use our design expertise and vinyl production to create an unprecedented impact on your audience.

Can I wrap my car any color? - See "What is a color change?"

What is a color change? A vinyl "color change" is the industry term given when completely changing the hue of the vehicle finish using a decorative solid color film. Although G1 is able to perform color change services, our core competency is within the marriage of both design exercises and decorative film production. There are a number of specific companies that work directly in the color change space. For the best color change provider, please explore the vast array of suppliers in your area.

What items can be covered with a vinyl appliqué? Virtually any. With the right engineering and planning, we can overlay vinyl onto a curved office wall partition or even an entire fleet of corporate helicopters. The creative process is where G1 excels and the adherence to our "Less is More" Core Value makes our creations succinct and impactful. Please call us for inquiries about specific projects and capabilities.

What are the benefits of a vehicle appliqué? There are several benefits. For businesses, vinyl decals are an excellent visibility medium, a great use of advertising space and a unique marketing strategy that can be used to tell a larger outside audience about your company or purpose. Appliqués can also serve as a personal customization medium through which owners can augment the appearance of a vehicle making something truly unique. Decorative films can serve practical purposes such as a protectant for vehicle paint and finish. This is not, however, it's intended use. For details, see "How does a vinyl appliqué compare to vehicle paint?"

How does a vinyl appliqué compare to vehicle paint? There is no substitute for a perfect finish well-executed custom Paint job. However, vinyl overlays offer something that paint jobs do not - a spectrum of colors offered by industry leaders such as 3M and Avery that rivals most OEM paint libraries. When coupled with G1's A-level Design approach and our ability to digitally print any color with virtually any finish, there's no comparison to paint. Vinyl has other attributes that make it more desirable than paint. It is much less expensive to repair, will not oxidize or rust if treated correctly, does not require a spray both or release harsh chemicals to the environment and can maintain the original finish of the vehicle to preserve the value and color upon removal.

Is it safe to wash a vinyl appliqué? Yes, but under specific conditions. Having a vehicle appliqué on your vehicle comes with some additional responsibilities when washing and detailing. Pressure washers should never be used as they can cause separations between the paint and the vinyl with the forceful water spray. Harsh chemical solvents and cleaning agents will harm the soft vinyl finish. It is best to gently wash your decorative film with premium soap solutions by automotive specialists. Use a gentle cloth and pressure to wipe dirt away. It is recommended to employ certified detailers that have an extensive history of vinyl films to help care for your new appliqué.

How do I care for a vinyl appliqué? Keeping in mind that the number one enemy against the longevity of vinyl is the sun's rays, we stress UV safeguarding. In addition to UV inhibitor based solutions, we recommend surface detailers that rejuvenate and keep moist the vinyl to prevent it from drying out which could lead to frosting, fading and premature cracking. As with washing and cleaning, it is always recommended to employ certified vehicle detailers that have an extensive history working with vinyl films to help care for your new appliqué.

Is a vehicle appliqué removable? It is. A well-seasoned professional installer understands how to remove vinyl from a surface while leaving the automobile in its OEM condition. In cases where the vinyl has been in place for many years and is sun baked, the process is more in-depth and can take up to a week to remove. Proper care and maintenance practices are encouraged at all times to avoid such situations. See - "How do I care for a vinyl appliqué?"

Will vinyl film damage my vehicle's paint? G1 solely employs industry-leading films which have been tested to safely apply and remove from virtually any OEM painted surface. In some cases, vinyl may increase the life of your OEM finish. However, it does not protect your vehicle paint from accidental dings, or other surface damage and is not formally intended to serve as vehicle paint protection. Applying vinyl to a third party aftermarket paint job or using untested films can cause damage upon removal and is not recommended for any high-end finishes. Always make sure you specify and confirm what type of film your provider intends to use and specify top brands that have tested the film before introducing it into the marketplace.

How long does the wrapping process take? The wrapping process can be as short as a week. Stripes and accent pieces can have a turn-around time of one to three days. In the case of a color change with door jams, the process can take five to seven business days. Please note the time will vary depending on the complexity of the project. We can accommodate expedited services if needed but there will be an additional cost.

What items will G1 Design staff remove for the vinyl installation? G1 Design is capable of removing any components agreed upon in the early stages when the project scope is being discussed. The more parts that require removal, the larger the scope of work, and thus, the higher the costs to perform such services. As a general practice door handles, side view mirrors, headlights, taillights, some other exterior accessories, can be included as part of the wrap scope. However, some factory clips and plastic trims are designed to be used once and thus replaced each time a vehicle panel is assembled. As a result, best practices would include discussing the details and specific requests at the beginning to ensure our company can do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

Will my vinyl appliqué fade? Keeping in mind that the number one enemy against the longevity of vinyl is the sun's rays, we stress UV safeguarding. In addition to UV inhibitor based solutions, we recommend surface detailers that rejuvenate and keep moist the vinyl to prevent it from drying out which could lead to frosting, fading and premature cracking. As with washing and cleaning, It is always recommended to employ certified vehicle detailers that have an extensive history working with vinyl films to help care for your new appliqué. with proper care, your appliqué will stay vibrant for many years.

Can I submit my own artwork? Yes, you may submit your own artwork. Please note that 2D to 3D translation of artwork onto a surface is our core competency and a service that is outlined and defined for approval before any production steps begin. Our goal is to ensure that whatever artwork appears on the final surface is rigorously compared to the initial drawings you may provide. Proof of concept full-scale templates and subsequent revisions may be needed to ensure the finished product is in complete alignment with the project's highest vision. We have respectively created our niche, and this approach for those whose vision calls for an unprecedented level of impact and presentation.

What does the design process entail? All design agreements start with a consultation either by phone or video conference. We encourage providing samples of work that speak to you or your company's mission. The above provided, the next step is what we refer to as exploration and then on to finished renders, color approvals, surface templating, and final approvals. The exploration process, in most cases, provides you with 3D renders to be used for blurbs and other marketing applications. With a thorough approach such as the above, project goals and expectations are always clear so that you and your team will be extremely happy with the final results.

How many revisions am I allowed? A design project typically allows for one or two minor revisions. Our approach is to ensure that we capture all of the details on our project's initial exploration. When our proposals are submitted, we allow your team to examine the progress and place all the of revisions in a succinct all-encompassing list so that we can perform the necessary changes while keeping things in alignment with the original project scope. Doing more with less is the key and one of G1 Design's Core Values. Rest assured, doing things right the first time avoids the need to spend time in costly redesigns.

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